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Canaan Serine [GM]

Name Canaan Jean Serine [GM]

Position Expedition Leader

General Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physiological Information

Height 190.5 cm
Weight 67.6 kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue-Green
Physical Profile Canaan's moderate stature lends itself to a slight, yet toned physique, relative to his overall body proportions. Canaan's presentation is the epitome of conservative, and he is adamant about good personal hygiene. Manicured brows crown eyes a beautiful aquamarine in color, flattered by the pale pigment of his skin tone. Canaan's skin is smooth, blemish-free, and soft to the touch. He does not shave regularly, resulting in a modest amount of facial hair, softened by delicate features that seemingly emphasize his youth. Canaan's teeth are well-cared for, framed by full, peach-colored lips, and his finger and toenails are regularly manicured. His hair is longer in length, with thick, healthy locks styled neatly in conformance with regulations. When not in uniform, Canaan adorns civilian attire of a practical nature, preferring high-quality clothing of a durable build, offering comfort and functionality. He favors fabrics in muted colors, usually earth tones, with few embellishments. Although stylistically neutral, Canaan pairs his clothing with accessories simple in nature, yet complementary to the attire.
Unique Physical Characteristics Canaan's nose is pierced with a tasteful gold hoop, aligning the curve of his left nostril. Additionally, he has coupled surface piercings which angle the defined iliac furrow of his pelvis, near either hip bone. Aside from these adornments, Canaan has no body art or distinguishing marks.

Familial Data & Relationship Information

Parent(s) Gregory Serine and Matilida Benoit (nee)

Psychological Information

Personality Characteristics Canaan is pleasant, articulate, and compassionate. He is self-reflective and a conscientious thinker, preferring to listen rather than immediately respond. Relative to a reserved disposition, Canaan expresses himself openly and is unabashed in offering an opinion about a topic that is of particular significance to him. His behavior and mannerisms are affable and socially relevant. Canaan places a high premium on good manners and does his best to avoid confrontation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Calm and collected
Kind and thoughtful
Sarcastic and cynical
Hobbies & Interests Canaan has a keen appreciation for the arts, yet prefers photography and watercolor above other media and is honing a developing appreciation for music. He enjoys literary interests and journals regularly. An avid outdoorsman, Canaan likes swimming, skiing (downhill and cross country), snowshoeing, camping (all seasons), backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking. He will engage in these activities on a social level yet enjoys those of solitude, as well. He enjoys a quiet game of cribbage or solitaire and participates in a daily exercise program to stay in shape. Canaan enjoys the company of friends and family and sneaks a drink or two during social or special occasions.

Historical Information

Historical Information The only child of parents, Matilda Benoit (née) and Gregory Serine, Canaan, was born on Earth in 2358. He raised in the north woods of Maine, near the Moosehead Lake region, where Matilda and Gregory were employed with the department of inland fisheries and wildlife as a veterinary pathologist and ecologist, respectively.

From an early age, Canaan joined Matilda and Gregory on their expeditions, learning about nature in a practical, hands-on methodology. It was during these excursions when Canaan developed a genuine fondness for exploration and discovery while learning to appreciate the natural order of things.

Although proficient in other subjects, Canaan excelled in the sciences, especially natural and environmental sciences, as well as biology. His grades were of such a caliber as to warrant an invitation to attend college-level courses through the University of New England. It was around this time when Canaan applied and qualified to participate in the Starfleet Academy Preparatory School in Paris, France.

While attending school, Canaan endured a grueling schedule of academic coursework, drilling, practical education, and physical training—all of which prepared him for life at Starfleet Academy. Canaan thrived in the schools' demanding environment while coming to respect its exceedingly high expectations and the strict regiment imposed.

Upon graduating from prep-school, Canaan advanced to Starfleet Academy.

Canaan's first post-academy assignment was a five-year tour of duty aboard the USS Ahwatukee, where he served as a junior officer in the science divisions department of biology. Experimental and research projects consumed much of his time, as did several scientific expeditions, leading to his co-authoring several papers.

Although the majority of this assignment was purely academic in nature, Canaan was a member of the first landing party to conduct the initial planetary survey of Arach-VI. Canaan's participation in this mission resulted in a promotion and invitation to join a five-year expedition to the planet. Grateful for the opportunity, Canaan accepted the assignment and was appointed team leader of the expedition.

In 2388, Canaan was among a team of seven, comprised of the most gifted scientific minds from several fields of study, assigned to the phase one scientific survey of Arach-VI. Phase one was in response to the initial planet-wide survey conducted by the Ahwatukee and involved the comprehensive study of the planets' natural ecosystem.

On the surface, and by all indications, Arach-VI appeared to be an invitingly hospitable planet. Like his counterparts, Canaan relished the overall experience, finding it enriching. He enjoyed the work, especially in his newfound role as leader and mentor. He delighted in cultivating the knowledge and experience of the other team members, finding it incredibly fulfilling, helping them to succeed. Although there were moments of immense hardship, the five-year period was an overall pleasant experience - or so Starfleet believed.

After the five-year study concluded, Starfleet Command reviewed the team's findings and determined the planet ideal for future colonization and subsequently approved phase two. The team was delighted, several of its members remaining with the study during its next period. Unlike his colleagues, however, Canaan inexplicably requested immediate reassignment.

In 2393, Canaan received the Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon for his dedicated service and proven leadership capabilities during the Arach-VI expedition. Knowing of his desire for a ship-board placement, Starfleet's Department of Personnel Management transferred Canaan to the Miranda-class USS Poseidon as their Chief Science Officer.

The USS Poseidon served as an extension of Starfleet Academy. In this role, most of the crew was comprised of Cadets participating in their senior cadet cruise, recent graduates from the Academy, and enlisted trainees. The Science Department boasted the most significant compliment from all three crew placements, leaving Canaan to assume the mantel of mentoring three recently commissioned Ensign's, in addition to fulfilling his responsibilities as Chief Science Officer. Although his time onboard the Poseidon was brief, Canaan distinguished himself as a high-performing officer, gifted scientist, promising mentor, and valued member of the crew. Due to his dedication and unwavering commitment to his duties, Canaan was advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Commander by Commander Franklin Johnson.

While assigned to the Poseidon, Canaan developed a romantic relationship with Commodore Gregory Paladin, former commanding officer of the ship and current mission advisor. The catalyst for their romance was a shared understanding that they both had experienced deep trauma. For Gregory, it was post-traumatic stress associated with his service during the Dominion War. For Canaan, it was of unspoken horrors he and the other members of the expedition endured during their five years on Arach-VI - a silent revelation that not all was as it appeared on the utopian planet.

This empathy for one another caused the psychological hurt and fear associated with Canaan's time on Arach-VI to resurface, plaguing him with night terrors, subsequently inflicting sleepless nights and prompting severe anxiety attacks. Knowing he could not cope with this pain alone, led Canaan to seek treatment from the Poseidon's Chief Counselor, Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Sakura. Although their first session did not go as expected due to Canaan's reserved and cagey disposition, Canaan and Kanaka were fast-friends, the former learning he could confide in the latter his most profound worry and concerns. After several sessions and informal visits with Kanaka, Canaan had just started to open up about his experiences during the Arach-VI expedition when the Science Council suddenly recalled him.

Without explanation, Canaan was ordered to Starbase 11 and await further instruction.
Starfleet Service Jacket 2394: Assigned Commanding Officer of Task Force 56
2394: Promoted to Commander
2394: Assigned Expedition Leader, USS Cardinal
2393: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2393: Assigned Chief Science Officer, USS Poseidon
2388: Assigned Expedition Leader, Arach-VI
2387: Promoted to Lieutenant
2386: Assigned Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Ahwatukee
2383: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2380: Assigned Biologist, USS Ahwatukee
2380: Promoted to Ensign
2376: Admitted to Starfleet Academy
2374: Attended Starfleet Prepatory Academy
2358: Born