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Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Name Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Position Expedition Leader

General Information

Gender Female
Species Betelgeusian
Age 30

Physiological Information

Height 2.04m
Weight 98kg
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Green-Gold

Familial Data & Relationship Information

Psychological Information

Historical Information

Historical Information =Early History=

Her earlier memories are slightly disjointed, born into a family with long a long history in the
diplomatic service. This leads to a comfortable childhood if slightly lonely and disconnected.
Memories of playing with parents focused on the hero archetypes, with heavy leaning towards
the ruler character. As herself, her older brother and her younger sister reached an age, she felt
a definite distance between herself and parents, as the they returned to their work and she and
her siblings were schooled by private tuition, each had a separate tutor, had long hours on their
own. Evie actually quite enjoyed certain aspects, history and the writer arts were a big draw for
her, but she was also noted for having a strong head for numbers and mathematics.
When time came to choose her hero, at are 12 Ewo was very much still undecided, it was
expected she would follow the family tradition select one of the more authority figures, she
opted for Ost the Vagabond, partly to satisfy her nonconformist streak but also she believed at
the time it would allow her to do something different.

The lead to a fair amount of friction in the family, but she'd committed and was at the time stubbornly against going further into that world, particularly as her family considered it necessary to present her and her siblings at all diplomatic events. Which began to grate on her, she was most definitely in the odd squad of her peers, not
fitting into the group that were committed to following the family into the Diplomatic field, and not
fitting those who were willing to live off the family name and influence and nothing else,
A particular tutor who had worked along with Starfleet as a civilian scientific undergraduate,
hear and saw some potential, they decided to press her until, she finally admitted her desires to
get away but not sure, her designs were very much to pursue a theatrical line, but again the
tutor sensed although she had interest in this area, her desire to be useful might be stronger.
The tutor decided to steer her in the direction of Starfleet Academy, embarking on a private
preparation program that tested the young woman a lot. As did the academy prep course and
the academy entrance exam, she passed, just, demonstrating a tendency to either hold back or
take the easier option, something that was carried over from her home environment, and
highlighted as something she would have to work on if she were to get through.

=Starfleet Service=

Academy life was a shock, in spite of all the preparation, and for the most part she fell back on
old habits, not wanting to stand out or be noticed she, tried hard enough to get by, she was
sociable and seen regularly in the bars and cafes on campus, and devolved a fondness for old
earth board games, draughts/checkers, ludo, ect. It took a bit of convincing but a well meaning
lecturer was able to nudge the young woman into a number of science focused elective
courses. Evie graduated in the middle of her class, Majoring in Operations, with electives in
Planetary and Gravimetric sciences.

Posted to the operations division and given a middle of the pile assignment, an older
Excelsior-Class assigned to the core patrols. Evie's reputation preceded her and she did not
disappoint which was a good and bad thing, there were more than a few appearances in front of
her division officers. Struggling to find directions herself and her place she transferred twice, first
to a Miranda, then to a Nova. Finally she was given a posting to Strerth 8E courtesy of her
father, a junior Lieutenant as operations chief and Starfleet liaison was unusual, but influence
had been exerted. Evie lasted six months before putting in for a transfer, one that was still
processing when an unexpected and devastating raid took place on Stardate 48425.92. The
events that followed left a lasting impression on the young woman, after sending a call for help
she panicked, Ewo'tOst hid in a closet during the initial assault. However the cries of a
distressed child, coaxed her out and pushed her to action. By the time help arrived, Ewo'tOst
was trying to keep six more young ones of various ages, safe and protected. During the clean
up in the aftermath, one child, Inatarra, in particular seemed particularly clingy. His father,
dealing with having his wife killed and his daughter taken in the raid, appreciated Ewo'tOst help
and attention with the young man.

Arriving back at Starbase 927, with a fresh attitude and child in tow, she was rotated into a
position with the logistics group, despite renewed focus, she found her new situation a little
difficult, having spent years not paying much attention to the workings of the department.
Thankfully someone else took an interest, a seasoned Bosun by the name of James Blake, the
newly minted Warrant Officer took time to teach the new division officer the ways to run things
and get the best from people, from an enlisted perspective. Also during this adjustment period,
Ewo'tOst was asked to take guardianship of Inatarra, as his father's search for the missing
daughter was starting to mean him spending extended periods in location unsuitable for a
younger person.

When the Hobus incident happened; they were tasked with preparing supplies and equipment,
establishing temporary critical facilities, Evie proved herself quite capable in this environment,
thinking on her feet with a few ideas that impressed her Chiefs. To bolster its assets Starfleet
made temporary use of civilian craft, such as the Raven-Class, these were crewed primarily with
operations personnel. Evie found herself in this rotation, assigned as the operations officer,
frequently the only other officer along with the officer in charge. They were asked to participate
in the rescue operations ensuring those caught in the immediate aftermath were cared for and
brought to safety, as the situation dictated they would run supplies, transport wounded or
stranded, even scout planets for potential colony sites.
Starfleet Service Jacket 2382-86: Academy
2386 - 2387: Ops Officer, USS Britannia
2387: Ops Officer, USS Navhjo
2388 -2389: Science Officer, USS Chesapeake
2390: Ops Officer, USS Britannia
2391: Starfleet liaison/Operations Officer, Strerth 8E
2391 - 2394 Logistics Officer, Starbase 927/Operations Officer, USS Sandpiper