Deck Listing

Deck 1 · Deck 2 · Deck 3 · Deck 4 · Deck 5

Deck 1

Sleeping Berths, Communal Refresher, Crew Lounge and Recreation Room, Secondary Sensor Array, Communications Array, Primary Stores, Upper Airlock

Deck 2

Main Bridge, Upper Engineering Access, Deuterium Storage (Upper), Deuterium Injectors, Science Labs 1-4, Transporter Room, Cargo Bay 1

Deck 3

The Dispensary, Engine Room (Level 1), Computer Core (Level 1), Deuterium Storage (Lower), Main Impulse Engines, Cargo Bay 2, Cargo Transporter, Launchbay

Deck 4

Life Support, SIF/IDF Generators, Shield Generators, Engine Room (Level 2), Computer Core (Level 2), Main Deflector, Navigational Sensor Array, Secondary Stores, Deflector Control

Deck 5

Primary Sensor Array, Tractor Beam Emitters, Warp Core Ejection Hatch, Landing Struts, Waste Reclamation Systems, Antimatter Storage/Injectors, Lower Airlock