Name Description
USS Cardinal The Raven-class starships were small, modular long-range Federation exploration vessels used for various purposes, including service as surveyors and colony ships. They mildly resembled Danube-class runabouts and were designed to operate with a minimum crew.

The Raven-class support ships came into service in the early 2350s and remained active through the end of the 24th century. The design brief called for a small research vessel that could be utilized by both Starfleet and civilian scientific research programs.

Because of the Raven's internal adaptability, Starfleet believed that their sole application as research vessels was somewhat short-sighted, and they soon saw service as couriers, passenger transports, and scouts by Starfleet and civilian organizations since their commissioning in the 2350s. Since they are not solely Starfleet vessels, they do not need to have an extensive military capability, and as a result, they are only lightly armed for defensive purposes. The real marvel of the Raven-class is her ability to travel medium to long distances. The class has one of the better fuel efficiency ratings on record, and because the navigation and propulsion systems are highly automated, one or two people can operate these ships for long periods with little aid from a Starbase or other docking facility.
Type-10 Class Shuttle The Type-10 shuttlecraft was a support craft introduced in 2373. They were originally designed for use with Defiant-class starships, yet also deployed on Raven-class starships. These shuttlecraft were the successor to the Type-6 shuttlecraft.

The USS Cardinal is equipped with one (1) Type-10 Shuttle, the Sparrow.
Type-18 Class Shuttle The Type-18 shuttlepod was a type of sub-light speed-capable support craft assigned to Raven-class starships.

The USS Cardinal is equipped with two (2) Type-18 Shuttlepods, the Silvereye and Firetail.