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The bridge is the operations center or command center of every starship.

Additional Information

Location Deck 2
Description Welcome to the bridge! You just walked through the starboard egress, entering aft of the cabin. Directly behind you is the Master Systems Display (MSD) - this large screen takes up much of the aft bulkhead and shows real-time information about the ship's status and condition, as well as current mission progress.

To your left is the bridge's port exit, whose corridor beyond leads to the briefing room, equipment room, transporter room, and other various points of interest on deck two.

Taking several steps into the bridge, the first console you'll notice immediately is the CONN and Operations station. This U-Shaped console is the forward most station with configurable LCARS to accommodate the crewman's display preferences assigned to the post. Aside from conducting flight control operations from this station, the console is also configured to provide starship operations and tactical control.

Directly forward of this station are the forward viewports.

Aft of CONN and Operations station, located on the bulkhead's starboard curve, you'll find the Environmental Control and Engineering Stations. The Cardinal utilizes system technologies with integrated automation, allowing a smaller crew complement to man vital ship functions, with a minimum of two (2) personnel needed to operate the craft. The ship's Operations Officer is typically found manning either of these two consoles.

You'll find that opposite of these consoles, mirroring their exact placement on the port side of the bridge, are Science I and II. Each station remotely monitors the scientific missions simultaneously being conducted onboard and the duties and responsibilities typically assigned to the post on larger starships. When not visiting the laboratories, the Chief Science Officer generally is operating one or both stations.

The overall layout of the bridge is simple, capitalizing on a minimalist design approach. The bulkhead panels are colored in warm oranges of different tones and hues, while the overhead lighting accents unique architectural features like the broad-swooping arches extending over the CONN and Operations station, as well as the aft egress.

There is no replicator on the bridge, but that shouldn't be a problem because the dining lounge is a short lift ride to deck one.

(Click on the image to see a schematic of the main bridge for the Raven-type starship as seen in Star Trek: Voyager's episode "The Raven)