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Posted on Sunday October 24, 2021 @ 7:18am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & Madeleine De Saint Castine

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Medical Bay

Walking with purpose and yet her reticence was highlighted by her pausing a few feet from the door to sickbay, a room she knew contained her injured boss and odd as it may seem for someone known a short, friend. Knowing it was not a moment she could put off, took a couple of strides towards into that room.

Thankfully her first sight was the ships medical officer, someone who had a calming effect on her just by being around, then her sight fell on the Canaan, still on a biobed, she approached Ewo reached out and placed hand gently on her shoulder reassuringly, electing to ask about her well-being before anything else. “Afternoon Maddie, or evening maybe, how was the return journey for you?

"Few bumps and bruises," Maddie offered a faint smile at Ewo's presence. "It seemed easier than the first time round." Sickbay, at least at first glance, appeared to be largely unaffected, mostly because Maddie had spent her time since restoring order from the chaos that had followed their return to normal space. Now, the soft scent of blended essential oils lingered in the air while calming music played quietly in the background in an attempt to mask the steady beeping of the biobed. All in all, sickbay seemed to be otherwise serene. "Injuries were pretty minor all up, I think that's a good thing, well, for the most part." Her gaze shifted to the bio bed again, a pained expression on her face.

Ewo glanced around, the environment that had been created in sickbay was for the moment one of relaxation, idea for the recuperation of more long term patients. she recalled a similar idea from a doctor on on of her first assignments he always seemed to need extra bits and pieces, she recalled querying this at once, perhaps a little dismissively, the answer surprised her at that time, but made her a little more receptive to ideas. “I am glad of that. It is very much a comfort to know there is an oasis of calm for ones who need it.” She commented, keen to uplift if she could before moving on to difficult topics which she came at carefully. “What of Canaan? I notice he is…resting at present. What can you tell me as to his condition?”

Maddie bit on her bottom lip for a moment before she replied. "His injuries are extensive. He's stable, but I can't heal him, this sickbay isn't equipped enough. I checked just before, the USS Romany can intercept with us in about 30 hours if you request it. They can treat him properly and then transfer him to Starfleet Medical for recuperation. His injuries..." she sighed, the feeling of failure washing over her again. "They're too severe, if he survives transfer, he'll be out of service for potentially months, maybe longer."

"I will make the arrangements, how would it be best to conduct the transfer, perhaps docking with the vessel itself?" Ewo offered with a softness to her tone, it was a difficult matter for sure, discussing the departure of someone who had taken a fine lead. "He had a desire to be out in space again, that much was clear., this will be an obstacle but I think he will over come it" She offered speaking a positive in the situation and feeling an opportunity to provide encouragement, looked across at Maddie. "I can tell you desire to do more, I can only offer my appreciation seeing your efforts, they will surely stand him in good stead for a recovery."

"I think medical site to site transport is probably the best option for him. My concern about physically moving him is that the act of the movement may be too much for his body to handle while he's in this fragile state. Site to site can be achieved instantly, it'll minimize the strain." Maddie motioned toward the two chairs against the wall and walked across, taking a seat quietly. "I keep sitting there talking to him," she said quietly. "I keep expecting him to wake up and make fun of me for sneaking cookies."

Taking a mental note for moving Canaan, Ewo followed Maddie over to the the indicated chairs, she gave a little smile and picked up on the stealling cookies comment. "A late night snack I take it, he certainly had a way of relating to when he talked to a person, along with being talented and knowledgeable to the hilt, very definitely personable, it is carticterisitic that can make a person feel valued, I feel, how about you?" She asked, her voice and tone soft, which felt appropriate given where they were.

"He never acted like a Commanding Officer," Maddie said softly. "He acted like a friend. After the mess with the Komorkis," she sighed softly. "We talked a lot, late at night, usually when he caught me sneaking cookies from the mess hall," she smiled slightly at the memories. She looked across at Ewo. "What's going to happen to the rest of the crew? Will we get reassigned?"

The Betelgeuse shook her head slowly. “No reassignment. I brought up the subject, stuck my foot out or went to bat or whatever the phrase is, turns out it was not as need as an thought. The science division officer I spoke to seemed adamant that the mission not be derailed.” Ewo responded honestly and positively, glad to be able to take away any uncertainty, in the company of a friend she continued on a little more than she intended. “To be frank that sort of bureaucratic thinking tends to concern me, but that’s for another time.” She paused and then continued. “The main thing being all get to stay together.”

There was an audible sigh of relief as Maddie visibly relaxed. She offered a small smile to Ewo. "Well, that's a blessing at least. I don't want to see our family broken up again. It's bad enough losing one of us." She glanced to the bio bed again, taking a moment to read the screen and check his stats. "I'll prepare Canaan for transport to the Romany as soon as they are within range if you put the request in." She paused, a soft smile playing on her lips followed by small laugh. "It feels strange, looking at you as my new Commanding Officer," she stated.

“An unexpected turn, I would say” Ewo commented. “But I see no reason to change, I mean this I ship full of experts, it makes sense to allow a lot of latitude, and perhaps just make a decision or two here and there.” She mused aloud, perhaps wanting either a reassurance or challenge to her pattern of thinking.

Maddie smiled, a smile of friendship and reassurance. "I have faith that you'll make the right decisions," she said softly. "You know what we've already been through. I have no reason to think you'll do wrong now."

"Thank you." Was Ewo's simple responce as she placed a hand on Maddie's shoulder, a gesture of friendship intended to reenforce what followed. "Expression's of confidence like that mean a lot." Withdrawing her hand, the important matters attended to and a little resurance given on both parts it seemed. "I will go and make contact, and I want to connect with everyone as before we transition. I will return before we link up with the Romany, but if you need anything please let me know."

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