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A Hard Day's Work

Posted on Tuesday August 17, 2021 @ 2:34pm by Trinity Anderson

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Deck 1 - Sleeping Berths

Another shift was in the history books and Trinity was exhausted. This shift had been particularly taxing as she had spent most of it manually calibrating the meagre weapons systems that the Cardinal possessed. Thankfully, the Cardinal was only a science vessel, and a small one at that. She hated to think how much time it would have taken her to complete what she just completed in nine hours, give or take an hour. It would probably have been several days, if was just her. But then again, a larger ship usually meant more complicated systems, and more complicated systems meant more crew.

She was no technician and in fact, much of what she had done today had tapped into knowledge she had mostly not used since her Academy days. She had needed to reference the computer library several times on some of the more technical aspects, but it was actually quite fun to get her hands dirty.

Trinity reminded herself to thank Ewo later for assigning her the task. A part of her wondered if it was as much to keep her busy as it was to do a thorough check of the ship following their gooey encounter with sentient plants. After all, Laurisviola had been wandering around the ship for gods knew how long before the crew regained consciousness.

Trinity paused, thinking back to the Amenites, to Laurisviola and the Bringer. She wondered how they were doing now. She hoped that the Resurgence they were so desperate to keep intact had gone off without a hitch, even as much as she partially blamed them for Canaan's condition.

The latter was now off the ship and headed to a better equipped medical facility where he would get the treatment he needed and hopefully be back on his feet in no time. In the mean time, Ewo had taken command of the science ship. Trinity was biased of course being the dessert disciple of the Betelgeusian, but Ewo was doing a fine job keeping the ship and crew focused on work.

There was nothing quite like a commanding officer who knew the way to one's heart and Ewo knew the way to Trinity's heart...well, to be fair, most people knew all it took to Trinity's heart was a few tasty treats. However, Ewo had a knack for picking or making the tastiest treats and Trinity was but a humble apprentice under the great shadow of a veritable dessert master.

Laughing at her own joke, which was clearly a sign of how tired she was, Trinity barely unzipped her uniform before she crashed into her sleeping berth. She lazily kicked her boots off before sweeping her feet into the berth. As it was programmed to do, the glorified bed drew down the privacy screen, adjusted the temperature to a more comfortable setting, dimmed the inner lighting within the berth and began playing Chopin's Nocturne op. 9 No. 2 in E-flat major, one of her personal favourite.

The lights continued slowly dimming until they turned off completely except for a small night light trimming that bordered the ceiling of the berth, which was displaying a visualizing an array of stars in motion, complete with some comet of some kind and several planets.

Trinity yawned as she stretched out her body. The music filled her ear, sending a cascading but familiar feeling of warmness over her body. She let her heavy eyes close, already feeling the realm of dreamers beckoning her to join. She had no protest or objection to offer and was quick to give up consciousness to cross into the plane of sleepiness and into the realm of dreams...


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