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Helpful Transitions

Posted on Tuesday September 14, 2021 @ 9:39am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Cardinal / Europa
Timeline: Current

Standing on the threshold of the docking port still on the Cardinal across from Commander Max Thomarras, Captain of the Europa, she noted he smiled and then gestures into his ship. “Walk with me Commander?” He offered.

Stepping over they paced into a circular corridor, side by side, at a very measured pace. “How is the transition proceeding, coming into a command is a unique feeling this much I know.”

Ewo nodded as she walked, “a little more of a challenge when the former commander is carried off on stretcher.”

“True, did you witness what happened first hand?” He proved

“I was on the bridge at the time.

“Ah.” After a slight pause he ventures, “do you mind if I ask if you have any lingering doubts?”

“I do not mind, in fact I appreciate the forthright question.” Ewo said first, before answering properly. “Misty not, I was ordered to take the conn, I kept watch if the ship and its internal working, and attempted to observe any changes in external factors. Canaan was more than qualified to lead the investigation as to what our guest was and the circumstances of their appearance aboard ship.”

“Sounds to me like a very reasonable call, you kept in touch with events in the lab?” He responded flashing a smile to a pair of junior officers managed an acknowledgment without to much show, Ewo observed as she considered the question. “there was not an open comm channel but I made periodic reports, which were reciprocated promptly.”

“I see, and the crew present are coping or processing the events and the change?” He asked, the question felt like a natural progression but also Ewo wondered if there was a measure of probing as to her relationship with the crew and if events had changed the nature, she answered honestly. “It seems like they have each felt the change, Canaan was very quick to build a rapport with everyone, I know himself and my science officer gelled particularly well.” She paused and thought, before offering. “My security and medical officers are taking a quite a bit responsibility onto themselves, possible more than they need.”

“Security and Medical do that, be mindful their positions require them to look out for the well-being of crew, if someone in a position of authority injured to then point of having to be replaced, they will ask questions of themselves, likely you’ll have a raft of changes on your desk in the next day or so, my advice would be to give said proposals a good read, implement what you see as appropriate keeping in mind your mission focus. Science missions need more freedom, more than sit well with most security persons, I came up that track so I speak from experience.” He explained, carefully and in a measured tone. Ewo’Ost felt the difference in his manner, it felt like a conversation with a mentor, one she was used to from times gone by, she responded with genuine appreciation. “I thank you for your advice I will certainly take such on board, it is gracious of you to pass on such experience.”

“Taking charge is something I am familiar with, not my command, that was done the old fashioned way, but I have had an SO be unable to lead and having to take over so i get it.” Their walk had reached its end he gestured to the airlock. “Full circle. One last bit of advice, allow yourself, allow your crew time to adjust, if your genuine command will see that.”

Ewo’tOst nodded thoughtfully and was about to reply when a chirp sounded from both her communicator and padded.

“Sounds like you have a job already. I’ll let you get to it.” Commander Thomarras noted with a grin as he turned away.

“Thank you.” replied, a simple phrase but when genuine, filled with meaning. She turned away and walked back on board the Cardinal. Pulling up the orders file, a quick glance over she picked out ‘Caraya VII’ and ‘unexplained’, which could be just the thing for the crew.


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