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Considerations after Lunch

Posted on Sunday October 10, 2021 @ 8:08am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & Ishacarr Am'nim [Ewo] & M'Riz & Trinity Anderson & Madeleine De Saint Castine & Samantha Grayson [Trinity]

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Crew recreation area

Lunch was quite enjoyable Ewo’tOst considered as she sat back, she would have liked to linger and let the conversation between the crew continue, despite the recent set back they were still just close nit. But other things would have to take priority now. She gestured to the younger Betelgeusian beside her and prompted. "Time for afternoon lessons." She frowned at the noticeable pout from Ishacarr, who reluctantly nodded. "Say thank you first." She commented. He slid from the chair and walked slowly round the table pausing at the Caitian, "Thank you for lunch Mister M'Riz."

"Glad you enjoyed it, Ishacarr," M'Riz replied.

Ewo watched as Ishacarr continued on his way around the tale and out the door into the corridor beyond. Now to business, she began with a clear opening statement. "Before we all disperse from lunch, we have orders, as way of introduction I would like to call your attention to..." She paused, not for drama but to pull up a hologram projection of the world in question. "Carina VII. A short warp hop from the Romulan border. The site of the Morgan Hope colony, where life if relatively normal until three months ago."

Changing the display to an aerial shot of a patch work of agricultural land, the short brown hues showing the early stages of the crop, with the fringes of the colony settlement in the bottom right corner, a river crossing the top with a slight kink down was on the right side, with a hills just creeping into the middle left border. "This shot was taken from the orbital monitoring platforms on Stardate 82231.8 at 0800, routine diagnostic image."

The display changed, specifically a portion of the image changed with an elliptical shape of green across the browns of the agricultural land, an inset zoomed image showed the near mature nature of the crop. "At 1630 the same day an image captured by a farmer and forward to the colony management meant this second shot was taken."

After a moment or two of pause she changed the image again. "Stardate 82232.8 at 0800, merely twenty-four hours later. The crop was spoiled." The dark green-black nature of the elliptical shape was plain enough, the zoomed image magnified the issue, the rotten crop and vegetation. "Unfortunately this is the beginning of an ongoing situation. You all have access to further documented abnormalities. Your initial thoughts?"

Trinity studied the successive images carefully, arms folded across her chest with the fingers of her right hand stroking her chin, a clear sign that she was in deep thought. The obvious conclusion from seeing the rather rapid transition of the crop from having just been planted to maturing and then spoiling in the span of a day was that something or someone had rapidly aged the crop. She was no scientist, but she knew there were a number of factors that could be at play such as any genetic modification that had been done to the plant, some sort of chemical agent or radiation in the environment that had somehow interacted with the local vegetation to cause the rapid aging. There was also of course the possibility, howbeit extremely rare possibility, of some kind of localized temporal anomaly.

"Do we know what kind of plant that is?" she asked. "I am guessing based on the fact that we are being assigned to this mission that it is not typical for the plant to age this rapidly within a day? If we know its normal growth rate, perhaps we can get a sense of how quickly it is aging, which may point to why."

She paused suddenly realizing that she was sounding more like a scientist than a security officer and stifled at the smile at the thought of her becoming a scientist.

“Notes that were provided myself state it is, Matza Stalks, a crop of bajoran origin, beyond that a point for research I think.” Ewo responded, making a note for herself to include that when assignments were to be given.

"Any possibility of a temporal disruption of some sort?" M'Riz mused out loud. "Crazy idea, I know, but then, I think we've all at least heard of some strange things encountered in the galaxy. After all, look at what we just recently went through."

The thought of having to deal with a temporal scenario gave Ewo a pause, not overwrought keen on that angle, but promised herself not to sideline it on her preferences, she needed to be open to all ideas. “Our opening experiences have certainly reaffirmed that it is something we have to consider. Given the range of affects, thinking in terms of a source that can affect a range of things could be important.” After a short pause Ewo glanced at the briefing notes and introduced the second significant event. "We have to consider the persons who’ve aged dramatically, according to data received their physical appearance has not altered to drastically, but their metabolic rates are as if they have gained twenty years or so. Which is certainly unusual."

"Oh, now that is very peculiar," Trinity stated though she was realizing that in the company of scientist, she likely had fairly little insight to offer...or perhaps too simple an insight for someone not from a scientific background.

"So, the crops have spoiled, and people are aging at a metabolic level but not a physical level?" Maddie leaned back in her seat, steepling her fingers at her chin. "Some kind of chemical warfare?" she asked quietly. "Certain chemicals would be able to bond with the body's dna and could potentially cause metabolic decay and could simultaneously be responsible for the crops... but I would have expected that to take much longer than twenty four hours. What about some kind of heavy metal toxicity or poisoning? We would need samples, crop samples, dna samples, water, soil, even air quality samples would be good to check for airborne toxins."

Having listened to the comments to both events Ewo recognized the need for more information, and put in motion a means to obtain such. “Gathering our own samples would provide a good baseline. Once we arrive I would like us to break into three teams. Maddie, M’Riz, T,Poe, take the medical centre. Arnie, Anderson, Potter, take the Mazza field. Dr Indigo, Bacus, Ecarn, take the field. As we have no discernible pattern to events please exercise caution on the surface. Any questions so far?”

"Not from me," Trinity replied. She was very curious about this new assignment and the mystery behind it all.

"Very good. We are about a day and half at our maximum speed. M'Riz lay in a course as soon as we break from here. Anderson I'd like you to dig out the filtered rebreathers, for the initial stages every away team member will be wearing one, as precaution until we gather air quality samples results. Until late we get there any and all initial research will be beneficial. Thank you." Ewo offered, handing out assignements and settling the next mission in motion, although she been a position of having to divided up tasks before now, this felt a little different. Time would tell if the preparations were enough.


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