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Glimpses of Concerns

Posted on Sunday December 12, 2021 @ 4:05am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & M'Riz & Trinity Anderson

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Cardinal Bridge
Timeline: Current

Menchant Vessel Midnight Flame

Freighter bridge watch standing was in a word boring, the highlights were pinging communications buoys, or bringing a ship into port. but lets face it the skipper would usually be the one to do that. Today however, today, a youngish Bolian was squinting at the scanner screen, something was off, he felt.

The door opened behind and to the left of him, and through walked a thick set and highly seasoned Yiridian Bosun. "I was eating and i was drinking. so this had better be good." Came his introductory remark and entry into the bridge. "Apologies, but i have seen a sensor blip, now this not an isolated blip." the younger shipmate began, despite his initial word choice, his tone came across confident and boarded on insistence. Which was enough to make the Bosun move towards the station, if a little nonchalantly. "What sort of blip?"

"I think its a cloak fluctuation." The Bolian suggested, with the Yiridian smirking. "You've been running to many holo-novels on shore, where is this supposedly been happening." Pointing to the screen, fixed on particular location of the sector, with two points marked. one recent and one older, both were a few light years the course the Midnight Flame "Both there, i have a sensor pointed at that area at present." The Yiridian Bosun propped himself up against the station, his face pensive while he continued to turn over the slight over eager and active mind of the younger shipmate with the very real possibility that they were close enough to the boarder for this to be a problem. He was about to downplay this when the blip occurred again, and this time with the sensor directed in that area, a broken sensor image appeared, the exact silhouette was hard to mistake. It was Romulan.

"I will let Skipper know about this. You are able to set the comm protocol for short range, filter for Starfleet." He said firmly, moving around to the helm control, and then increasing the speed. "I want distance between us and a cloaked ship." He added by way of explanation.


Passing into the bridge, through the dog leg created by bulkheads, Ewo’tOst Merrova carried a steaming mug in each hand, one for her and one for the officer on watch duty at the time. Walking straight towards the forward station, occupied by the Catain M'Riz, she paused beside it and set a mug of hot chocolate down on top of the console in easy reach. "Here, have a drink." She stated with a smile. Before turning and walking back to the secondary stations, throwing an open question as she walked. "Anything of note in the last few hours?"

"Not much," M'Riz replied. "It's been largely quiet for the last few hours. Long-range sensors picked up a rogue class 3 comet about a light year out a couple of hours ago, but that's it."

Nodding in quite acknowledgement while she seated herself at a station and began to call up a number of monitoring feeds. "Any change in civilian traffic behaviour you have noted?"

"Nothing that I've seen," M'Riz replied.

A few minutes after, the forward monitors flashed up a display.


Ewo swivelled her chair and looked forward, giving a nod towards M'Riz. "Let's see what they have to say."

M'Riz punched in the appropriate commands into his console, and a few moments later a very large Yridian dressed in brown coveralls, with a light blue flash across the right shoulder extended down the side to the middle of the chest. "Starfleet vessel Cardinal, this is the Ocha of the merchant vessel, Midnight Flame. We are reporting a potential sighting of an cloaked vessel in the vicinity of Carina VII."

Her attention captured as would evident by the change to a more focused expression, concerned but not wanting to jump to conclusions she stated. "Please continue."

"A junior technician and watch stander, was able to capture some reading from our navigational and single short range scanner cluster, which we will forward to you."

"Thank you Ocha, please transmit the date aoreocused we will review and take the appropriate actions, including the notification of Carina orbital. Thank you for your service." The channel closed and Ewo leaned back on her chair, this was an unexpected and potentially unwelcome development to a mission that already had its concerns, but facts were needed rather than speculation.

"Lieutenant Anderson. Report to the bridge." She requested through a personal comm link, before fixing M'Riz with a gaze as she asked. "Thoughts?"

"Acknowledged," came the reply from the other end of the comm link from Trinity.

"My initial reaction would be to start screaming Romulans," M'Riz replied, "but I also know not to jump to conclusions, especially when I haven't even seen the Midnight Flame's sensor readings yet. Certainly the Romulans aren't the only ones to use cloaking devices; the devices are even available on the black market if you know where to look."

Ewo nodded at the reference to black market sources of cloaking devices, the region they were operating, being so close to Romulan-claimed territory, was gaining a not so positive reputation. "That's a fair point, we do have to consider the criminal element in this sector." She threw out another possible. "What about a Klingon raider, would it fit there mind set, would it benefit them in anyway, do you think?"

"Well, a Klingon ship being in the area isn't outside the realm of possibility, though if you're asking if I think that they'd have anything to do with what's going on planet-side if they are there, I doubt it. What's going on isn't their normal way of doing things. No honor in attacking in a hidden, indirect way. If they wanted the planet, they'd go after it directly."

It was a short trek to the Bridge for Trinity as she had been close by. She entered the command centre of the ship and looked to Ewo and M'Riz. "Please state the nature of the emergency," she quipped as if she were a hologram but then realized the serious expression on both Ewo and M'Riz's face.

"What happened?" she asked.

The light hearted introduction Trinity made felt like it took the edge off things. “Cloaked ships, or potential cloaked ships a passing civilian ship happened to be looking at the right spot at the right time. The data is just though now.” Swiveling her chair and with a hand gesture beckons first M’Riz and Trinity over to her station. “Romulans are possible, Klingons less so, extra-legal groups or crews are a consideration.” Gesturing to the data flowing across screen. “I’d be interested to here your thoughts.”

"Oh interesting," Trinity stated as she walked over to Ewo's station. This development was actually in her wheelhouse as the security/tactical officer. She glanced at the data scrolling across Ewo's screen even as her mind began to race through what she knew about the cloaking technologies belonging to Romulans and Klingons. This close to Romulan space, they seemed the rather obvious choice. Ever since the supernova caused the death of millions of Romulans and the unraveling of the Romulan Star Empire, there were intelligence reports linking several of their technologies to lesser known factions, and even more troubling, pirates - most notably the likes of the Orion Syndicate.

"Even if we are able to prove the make of the cloaking technology, it might still be tricky to knowing who we are dealing with. The technology might have been stolen. However, I think I may be able to narrow down the make - at least decipher if it is of Klingon or Romulan design."

Trinity walked to her station, "Can you send me the data you have and I can cross-reference with information we have on both Klingon and Romulan cloaking technologies."

Glancing at Ewo to get her OK, M'Riz said, "Transferring the data now," as he pressed the appropriate buttons.

Trinity analyzed the sensor information that had been gathered. It was rudimentary, likely because of the limited sensor capabilities of the civilian vessel. Nevertheless, it was sufficient enough for the Cardinal's computer to analyze and extrapolate as needed.

One thing that was abundantly clear, not that there was no doubt about it was that the sensor information had indeed detected a cloaked vessel or object. Determining the type of cloaking device was much trickier because of the limited information. Nevertheless, the Cardinal's computer database was well equipped to conduct such analysis by cross-comparing the sensor information with recorded information in its database.

On the surface, there were a lot of similarities between Klingon and Romulan cloaking technologies. Depending on who you believed, the Romulans had actually given cloaking technology to Klingons in exchange for warp technology. Hard as it was to believe, but there was a time when Klingon and Romulans got along really well, but that period was ever so brief and both races are the mortal enemies they are today. While Klingons and Romulans may have both started out with identical technology at some points, over the years, both races had drastically branched out and improved their cloaking technologies.

A cloaking device works by generating a quantum bubble that renders the object or vessel within the bubble to be invisible to parts of the EM spectrum. If one was able to detect the precise location of a cloaked vessel, either through some sort of fluctuation in that bubble- as it seems to have bee the case here, then it was possible to measure how the quantum bubble teleports EM radiation to the other side of the cloaking field. In doing so, one was then able to ascertain the type of cloaking technology.

It was, in a nutshell, this type of analysis that Trinity ran with the information she had and after a few minutes of analysis, the computer indicated an eighty-three percent probability that the cloaking device in the sensor information was of Romulan design.

"Well that's the easy part," Trinity stated as she sent her information to both Ewo and M'Riz and swiveled her chair to face both of them. "The computer confirms the cloaking device is definitely Romulan design and the location puts it within the range of Romulan space. However, while we can safely assume it is Romulans, I think we can't completely rule out the fact that we could be looking at a third-party who have access to Romulan cloaking technology."

Ewo nodded along at the conclusion from the analysis, though there was a slight frown evident due to the additional complication this added. "Okay Romulan or third party with access to Romulan gear. Well that's something to listen out for during conversations with their representatives." With an eye on what could be done to keep them secure she assigned this task. "Practically, can you work together, and setup a probe to keep an eye on the edge of the system while the ship is in close orbit?"

"Certainly," M'Riz said. "That's certainly a good idea."

Trinity nodded and began preparing a probe. "I'll program the mission parameters for the probe. M'Riz, do you want to send over the best location in the system we should send the probe?"


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