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Backroom Concerns

Posted on Sunday January 2, 2022 @ 6:57am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Anti-room, Administration complex, Carina VII
Timeline: Current

“I thought it was just going to be used out in the agricultural areas.” A middle aged Bologna male researcher commented after a moment or two spent pensively considering his position, the more he considered the more he disliked. “Well an opportunity was seen in to test it in more populated areas. With great success I might add.” A human male of similar age, with an all together different posture and outlook if body language was anything Ng to go off, this person was cold, with a consideration to strengthening his position, and not much else. “Look this colony is too exposed, you made that observation yourself. How did you put it now?” He prompted.

“The only thought to the colony is the bureaucratic need for space and to put as many pins on a map.” The bolian rattled off, quoting what he himself had said to the male at a function eighteen months ago, an honest but off ha d remark, born out of his frustration at the assignment, one a small part of him was now regretting , not nessaserlty the statement itself but to whom it had been directed at. “But the aged civilians? That has to throw red flags up, it might even pull in Starfleet and that is something we cannot……it’s the end if they get involved.”

“Look they were unintended. I can assure you.” He lied, but with a sincere enough tone.

“And the persons being affected?”

“That was an oversight.”

“It’s a hell of an oversight.” The bolian countered with almost instant regret, the cold look and the tone that followed only reinforced a feeling that he in fact, in way over his head.

“Don’t get testy professor, and remember your place in this bargain. Look hold your nerve another week, even if the fleets boot boys and gals come calling, it’ll be an explorer vessel with generalist officers, if anything that will add to the whole ‘the colony is untenable’, and it folds and you get your nice interior position.” He continued, he had in fact secured a position for the bolian, thanks to his brothers mining company lobbying for a research into the applications of the planets prime mineral, which would be strip mined from the planet. The colony had to go. “Now I believe you have a class to teach.” He prompted, and watched as the the bolian scientist, nod and then slips out of the side room.

Alone and letting a handful of seconds pass, Jack Tonge made a request of the computer. “Computer, time index of the next scheduled status report.”

A disembodied voice came back =Status Report scheduled for 1940=

He nodded, contact would have to be made, to reaffirm the agreement. =Director Tonge, your presence is required. Starfleet vessel is entering orbit. Raven-Class Research Vessel, they really are thanking this seriously.= He sighed this he could do without


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