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A quiet word.

Posted on Monday May 23, 2022 @ 5:36am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & M'Riz & Madeleine De Saint Castine
Edited on on Monday May 23, 2022 @ 5:37am

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Research section, Medical Center, Morgans Hope
Timeline: Current

“Doctor Castine it truly is you, in the flesh? I thought with being cut off my message would be sidelined.” Abel said almost in a whisper, and with nearly contained surprise. He glanced across at M'riz and eyes widened a little more. "Accompanied by a Catain, you're the first of your species I've had the pleasure of meeting, Mister......?"

Maddie smiled warmly. "I insisted that I be able to speak with you as soon as possible," the medical officer explained. "This is M'Riz. He is quite proficient in medical matters and often assists me in sickbay, we thought a second set of eyes might be beneficial." She paused, glancing around before lowering her voice. "I got the feeling there was some concern over your contacting me?" she asked quietly.

“Good to meet you M'Riz. Yes Doctor there seemed to be, once the line was cut, thing changed for me. I was taken of the wards and sent down here, supposedly barred from contact with the case in question. I tried to take responsibility for the whole thing but I’m not sure if that stuck, and I haven’t seen or heard from my friend since coming down here.” Abel related in a whisper, clearly affected by the sudden change. “But it turns out they put me in the wrong place for them, and the right place for me, I’ve made friends down here which have opened up possibilities.” He added with a smile.

"Researcher Garent," M'Riz said, quietly noting Dargan's rather hasty departure with, perhaps, just a bit of growing unease, "perhaps if you could start by showing us what you've found so far? I certainly do not wish to nag, but time may be of the essence here if there are those among you superiors who do not wish for you to be involved in this project."

“Of course, of course, Mister MR'iz." Abel responded to the pointed reminder. "Now my time down here has enabled me to find the initial sample and tests done. Further to our curtailed conversation, Dr Castine, it would appear the mitochondrial elements of the DNA were affected to the point where they begin to deteriorate almost immediately, it was most acute at source, but seemed to linger for a time during the initial treatment phases.“ Abel explained fairly quickly, but still barely above a whisper, there was also a giddiness that was perhaps a little inappropriate, but possibly understandable given his surroundings. “I also know where she was when first affected, which might have some bearing on what you do next.” He added brightly.

"Is there maybe somewhere we can sit and talk?" Maddie asked, glancing around, their uneasiness rubbing off on her. "We have some of our own information as well, some stuff we found in our own databases."

"Yes of course, there is a small seating area at the end of this set of cubicals, we could make use of." He said after a quick moment of thought, standing up, he made a point to tuck the chair neatly under the table, before disconnecting his personal access device and pocketing it in a manner he felt was discreet. He led both of them from his small little cubical and down the passage between the others. Taking a sharp right, they found themselves in a square area with couches running in an L-shape facing the opening with a six small circular tables set in front and spaced equally along the length, these were silver in colour a contrast to the white of everything else. He made straight for the corner and gestured to the couch, before taking a seat himself. "So where she was found." Reterving his access device and placing it on the couch seat between them, the display then threw up a aerial view of the city with a pulsing dot. "Here at this little junction, a straight line to the main square, which I assume you visited?"

Maddie nodded slightly. "We did, if you can call it a visit, we were kind of hustled through," she said quietly, glancing around awkwardly. "How many people have been affected?" she asked Abel before turning to M'Riz. "Are you able to download any data they have and send it back to the Cardinal?" she asked quietly.

M'Riz nodded. "They're working with standard Federation computer systems. It's shouldn't take but a moment, though it would be a good idea for you to make sure good Mr. Garent isn't aware of what I'm doing."

Abel frowned at the 'hustled through' comment, the more disenchanted he was with his decision to move here, his big break was turning out to be a mess. The idea of returning home was more appealing than ever, particularly given he doubted he would have a place or future in Morgans Hope once this issue was solved. "There are three cases in this center, all being treated by different teams. Message requests for results are always separate, which affords an opportunity, the 'wrong' results to the 'wrong' team, spreads the knowledge around we hope." He explained with a slight smile. "When the ordered tests coincide, there are unsurprisingly similarities between the results, I should be able to access one of each, would that be of use?"

"That would be amazing," Maddie replied quietly. "We were reviewing some of the studies done before the colony was established, so much information has been redacted, do you know anything about that?"

Abel looked up from the search he had started, his face went from an initial frown of uncertainty to a look of regret. “Unfortunately I don’t know much about the founding, I do know there was a lot of talk about a stable foundation, that might just be the recruiting pitch.” His device made a low alert sound. “Here, three results from three different patients, near identical disruption to the mytocondrial struture.” Turning the display so both of his guests had a view. “The source is elusive that’s just constantly and frustratingly elusive.”

As Maddie and Abel were talking, M'Riz quietly linked his tricorder to the computer system and began transferring information. The information would definitely need to be reviewed again once they returned to the ship, and he'd have to make sure to run an anti-viral program on the files he was transferring to the tricorder before downloading it to the Cardinal's computer system. If someone was deliberately trying to conceal information, who knew what steps they'd take to cover their tracks?

As they were speaking the door opened up, and Dargan strode in with his now familiar aire of self-assurance. He made first for the booth assigned to Abel not finding anyone preceded further down the to the seating area, he smiled at the trio, which made Abel more than a little nervous. "Apologies for the time taken, but it seems you have made use of it, I have made enquiries and have been asked to convey a request. We have a very early industrial site that was focused on drilling. Its operations were suspended shortly of there they began, but there is thought it might be connected if you would like to view and take samples."

"I believe that could be a good idea," M'Riz said.

"It will allow your team to take in all angles and explore the matter properly and not jump to conclusions." He agreed, while some how managing to take a verbal swipe in the process.

Abel shifted in his seat, clearly intimidated by the veiled threat of non-compliance, the thought of further recriminations, but upmost was the thought of the colony falling apart because of some still unknown cause, prompting him to speak up again. "Dr. Castine would be better suited to remain, if I may suggest."

"I can certainly check on the drill site," M'Riz said. "It's possible that some sort of gasses or something similar was released during the process."

"It very well could be." Dargan agreed with a smile that was a little forced. "If you will follow me I will escort and guide you personally."


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