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The Fire from Which She was Formed

Posted on Sunday May 15, 2022 @ 8:53am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Strerth 8E
Timeline: 2391

In a purposefully semi-lit room, Ewo slurped down a last mouthful of tea before dropping the still half full mug on the replicator plate, quickly crossed the small lounge area sweeping up her jacket from the back of a chair. She donned it and paused by the doorway, long enough for her to control her breathing, in order to exit in a way that ignored that she had been up fifteen minutes and was now late.

Satisfied she allowed the door to pry and stepped through and began her walk to her duty post. Hands clasped behind her back, and a pace that was unhurried and unconcerned, a front she had great practice maintaining.

Pacing into the Tracking Operations center , she smiled at the sight of a pair of technicians she knew quite well, hunched over data terminals. One of them and a Dorian female noticed her arrival and with a slight turn of her chair commented. “Afternoon, el-tee, sleep well.”

Ewo make a mock giggle, and then shrugged. “Technician Ella’Brn, What did I miss, anything on the scopes?”

“As it happens. Yes!” She simply stated, leaning back on her chair to allow Rwo to approach and look at her screen. “Passive scans have pinged a craft passing the outer markers, we have nothing on the arrivals list for today, and we have sent off a IFF challenge to no effect.”

“That is a little worrying. Can the inner marker active be pointed in a way to give us a better picture, earlier.” Ewo suggested. “I will assist.” Pacing over to an empty station, taking a seat and setting herself up.

Their combined efforts were able to produce a usable warp signature and physical configuration, that unfortunately points to the ship being a threat, particularly given its lack of contact up to this point. “Keep tracking I will go and see if the administration can get the civilian population into safe areas.” Ewo swept of her chair and hurried out of the room.

“Look will you just listen to me. I know I do not have the greatest track record. You may not like me professionally or personally. But you need to take this seriously, the ship coming to this site is unscheduled, not responding to identification challenges never mind communication attempts, and is of a known hostile configuration.” Ewo half ranted, half explained, with spread arm , closed fists directed at the tabletop, she was bairly containing herself from shouting at the director of the facility. “I am aware I have voiced dislike for this place and some of the people that frequent it. But I have no desire to see them come to harm, so get your head out of your concerned arse and get people into their rooms or other safe areas.” Ewo appealed, struggling to maintain some form of composure. Almost a half hour of efforts to make contact had yielded only silence. That coupled with scan data that pointed to the ship behind raider of some form had Ewo’tOst Merrova, for once rattled and genuinely scared. “If the make contact after you have made such an unpopular move you hang it round my neck and send me packing, I will not fight it, you will be safe and sound in your position.” She added, as final effort to make him take action, she wanted out anyway.

Having merrily observed and watched with quite a bit of disbelief and frustration, Anton Chalmers, latched onto the last caveat. He leaned forward, manipulated a number of control keys and then spoke. *Distinguished guests. On the advice of starfleet, I insist that you all retire to safe areas designated by blue lighting around the entryways, all other facilities will now close for the time being. Your cooperation will be reenbursed by the foundation once this episode has concluded. Thank you.*

Fixing Ewo with a gaze that spoke of his distaste. “I trust that satisfies.”

“For now!” Ewo stated pointedly, before pushing herself away from the desk, turning on her heel and stalking out.

And that’s them entering orbit.” Ella’Brn stated with equip levels of frustration, fear, and fear in her tone.

“Obvious question incoming, still no reply or identification.” Ewo asked with a sigh, the tension rising in her at the certainty that the next hour was going to awful. She electors to take one final verbal swing. “Throw open a wide-band broadcast.”

After a pause to clear her throat. Then with confidence and bluntness delivered an ultimatum. “Unidentified Vessel. As the ranking starfleet officer present i inform you, the security personnel on site and those incoming as reinforcement will respond in kind if you remain in orbit or take any aggressive actions against this installation. This is your one and only warning.”

“Ranking officer? Given yourself a promotion.” The other male in the room quoted with a smile.

“It was a bluff, it had to be as confident and weighty as possible.” Ewo pointed out, with one eye on the security sensors, which a moment or two later flashed a warning.

“Transport signatures.” Ella’Brn stated flatly, throwing a glance to Ewo, who nodded to herself and walked to a small locker, opened it, took out a phaser lates it on the display, before taking a second for herself. “I am going to lock you in. Keep monitoring the relief ships progress, make contact when you can, guide and security persons to a beam in point that is not under immediate threat.” She said before walking out, unsure of what to do next herself, basic tactical training was one thing, having to use it and in position of authority was a entirely different proposition.

Rounding the corner into an adjacent corridor, Ewo was confronted by a pair of security personnel who were retreating, one facing and moving forward, while the other kept watch on their rear. Identifying Ewo as starfleet the lead person called to her. “Ma am we’re overrun, we’re falling back.” His opposite number turned for a moment, the exact moment a raiding party rounded the other corner. Firing multiple shots, some of which slammed the panelling of the corridor, but two hit the back of the security persons, they fell.

Ewo ducked the moment she saw the raiding party, he distance and the fact she had the corner for cover kept her from taking a hit. She fired of three bursts before pulling back around the corner, crouched against the bulkhead, trying to calm the panic that had rushed to the surface, the sounds of heavy, for the moment halting footsteps serving as a motive to collect herself and get moving. She pushed up and away from the wall, standing and staring to move along the corridor, forcing herself to keep a measured pace, aware sounds would travel and give her away, survival was all that mattered now.

Turning left at the end of the corridor, then a quick right, she came upon a small child, stood there looking by very lost but unaware of the situation they faced. “ What are you doing here? Why are you outside the safe zone?” She questioned, quickly and harshly brought on by the shock of events and find the child so exposed. The child’s reaction was delayed, but soon enough their face twisted into a mixture of terror and sorrow. Knowing a cry would be very bad at this point, Ewo lunged forward, stooping as she moved, reaching the child into to get a hand over it mouth. The briefest of sounds escaped, prompting Ewo to reassure them quickly and cast about for a hiding spot, her eyes settling on a supply closet a short distance away. Scooping up the juvenile, she made a head long dash for her haven, a brief fumble with the controls, the child, and the phaser she still clutched, made it inside.

After the door closed she lowered herself into a crouch, depositing the unsurprisingly terrified child on the ground. It was only now she noted the child was a male of the same species as her. “Hi there. You are safe for the moment. I am sorry if I frightened you. I am Ewo’tOst. What is your name?”

“I’m Ishacarr.” Came the simple and glaring answer, followed by the obvious question. “Why are we in here?”

“there are some very bad people around at the moment. Fighting is not much use so we have to hide. Help is coming but for now we hide and keep quiet, can you do that.” Ewo responded as basically as she could, trying to be realistic, but hopeful so he would keep any noise down. Her explanation drew a simple nod. “Quiet does not mean silent, are you here with your mother and father?” Another nod. “Very nice, do you like the pool area…..”

Ninety Minutes Later

Her attention was drawn to the door, someone was attempting to open it up, she shushed the now seven little ones that she had gathered up, from very tentative emergences, only when the calls of a child were close by. Ewo moved forward putting herself at the front, phaser pointed ready. The door slid to one side. It took an instant but she noted the starfleet delta and pointed her phaser upward and away from her allowing the lead officer to take it from her. A measure of relief swept over, huge help she had been promising was finally here. “This is quite a solo protection detail Lieutenant.” He said with a positive note. “Let’s get you back to the safe zones.” Ewo nodded furiously at this suggestion, asking the young ones to firstly form a line one behind the other and then to take hold of the right hand of the child in front with the first, Ishacarr, holding on to her.

They made their way through the complex, with the lead officer a Lieutenant Verico, in front Ewo just behind with the line of juveniles close to a wall and two troopers on there flank, with a pair bringing up the rear.

They reached the safe area in short order, family’s were eagerly expecting young ones, although a lot were present, Ewo knew the number of people staying and these did not represent the full number. “How much of the complex have you secured?” She asked tentatively, scared to know the answer. “About three quarters.” Verico responded. Ewo nodded slowly, that news coupled with the shear rollercoaster of emotions, caused a physical response. “I’m gonna be sick.” She muttered and cast about for somewhere to go. Ducking round the corner she found a plant pot and vomited into the soil a few times. She felt a hand on her back, “Let it out el-tee. The was a doozy for your first taste of combat. But you did good.”

“I hid.”

“With seven little’ens, that’s seven parents that will be very thankful.”

“Could have done more.”

“Maybe, maybe not, what done is done. You can either live here in permanent regret or learn whatever lesson, take it with you and move on.” Motioning her to look to the door, loitering in doorway was young Ishacarr. “Besides it looks like someone still needs looking after.”


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